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I Want To Inspire Millions...​!

My Story

I LOVED Every Minute Of My Journey!


I made a decision to be of service to the WORLD

My Legal, Financial and HR background led me to start my own company to design & deliver visionary training so that work can be a great experience.

I also qualified as a Civil/Commercial Mediator so that I can also resolve disputes.

April 2018

I trained and qualified to be a Public Speaker so that I can inspire other people to make their dreams reality.

MAY 2017

I Develop New Solutions & Systems for Our Clients to Improve Their Business Strategies

I create systems to simplify the complexity of the current and future  business issues.

June 2018

I was honoured to be accepted by the Civil Mediation Council and become a Registered Mediator.

July 2018

I decided to become an Accredited CPD Training Provider.  

September 2018

I hosted the first seminar in London on Leadership and Management Skills.

September 2018

London, Holliday Inn Hotel, Regent's Park

Leadership and Management Skills Training 

Employee R.E.T.E.N.T.I.O.N Maximiser

The Employee Retention Maximiser is a proved system that works and saves organisations a lot of time and money, and is also very beneficial for employees too. 


Advocate Prime Dispute - Advocating Dispute Avoidance Awareness and Resolution Mechanisms

I am honoured to be a member of Prime Dispute a global organisation supporting organisations in Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Mechanisms.  

Take your Business to the next level!

L E T' S  W O R K  T O G E T H E R



Katerina Nasto is a qualified Mediator, HR Trainer, Coach and Public Speaker passionate about sharing her vision and skills with others so that they implement visionary ideas to support businesses in long term as well as supporting business owners in personal growth.

If You Have? Give! If You Can? Do? If You Know? Teach!

CMC Registered - SCMA Approved 


Civil Mediation Council